Building trust – The impact of trust and lack of trust in business relationships can make the difference between whether the working relationship is successful or unsuccessful. Lack of trust can cause unhealthy communication between colleagues and a lack of productivity and engagement.


All of the following points will help you to develop openness and trust with others. How much is exhibited in your relationships with others in the business and what can you practically do to ensure that you exhibit them even more?

  • We don’t have a blame culture; we focus on solutions not problems
  • We don’t have secrets, we maintain open communication, and keep them up-to-date
  • We see failure as a springboard to success; a result that we can learn from
  • We treat bad news constructively by looking for the positives and focusing on these
  • Our Leaders/Managers take full responsibility when things go wrong and don’t shift blame
  • We deal with issues and performance firmly and fairly without making personal attacks
  • We give regular public recognition of their achievements
  • We work at resolving personal differences and conflicts with them
  • We respect and keep confidentialities
  • We keep promises, follow through, and deliver
  • We back others up and don’t gossip about, criticise or undermine them
  • We give consistent messages and do not change them just to satisfy the hearers

Here are some building blocks to help you strengthen trust within the workplace:

It normally takes time to build meaningful, productive working relationships with others. However, it is often possible to fast-track relationships by:

  • Asking the other person, “What is your most urgent need at the moment?”
  • Letting the other person talk openly about their most pressing current need without interruption
  • Identifying what you can do to help them and telling them
  • Helping them

Key principles of using this approach successfully are:

  • Don’t interrupt, keep quiet and listen – then summarise to show that you have heard and understood
  • Look for anything, no matter how small, to help them, e.g., pass on a telephone number, lend a book, e-mail an article, share a sandwich
  • Ensure you do what you have promised

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