Sense of purpose

Sense of purpose – exploring different types of purpose and how a sense of purpose bonds like-minded people   Relationships are a core part of working. Having healthy relationships helps build a healthy team. More recently there have been lots of people having to...

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Being constructive not destructive

Assertive communication – understanding it and how to use it well Have you ever faced any of these scenarios: People not following your instruction. Disagreements with yourself or between staff members. Your team not giving their best even though you know they have...

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Key steps to delegation

You are overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done, but delegation seems too much hard work.  Maybe you can relate to some of these statements: It is just easier to do the job myself No one does it the way I want it done They don’t understand the job I...

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Seven Keys to Effective Communication

Do you want to develop confidence and the ability to make presentations to key influencers like senior managers and customers etc?   There is so much to think about when making a presentation, including location, content, audience, tech, handouts, voice, body...

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The link between Motivation and Enjoyment

In the field of personal development, motivation is key. Our personal motivation to accomplish short, medium or long term goals is based on a mixture of emotions including enjoyment. This can include the following: Fear of failure – many motivated people are ambitious...

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Lessons from sport for managers in business

There are many lessons business managers can draw from the management of sports teams. Both involve boosting the performance of the individual while keeping sights firmly set on short, medium and long term goals. The recent success of the England cricket team in...

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