Personal Development

Engaging in a Keyturn personal development programme, is a sure-fire way to discover keys that will unlock some of that potential.

These inspiring specialist programmes provide a wealth of learning for people in every organisation – managers, leaders, technical experts, graduates and many others – and the critical difference with Keyturn is the degree to which learning quickly translates into practical action!

Many of the 15 Leadership and Management core skill modules provide excellent options that are very relevant and applicable to Personal Development. Some of our addition Personal Development core programmes include:

Conflict Resolution

One of Keyturn’s most popular workshops! Not because people enjoy the subject of course, but because all of us face conflicts more often than we’d like, and we could all use a hand to deal with them.

Making Meetings Work

This workshop takes time to explore all the factors which can make meetings ineffective, then sets out to resolve as many of them as possible.

Presenting with Impact

Presenting continues to be the task that many fear, but Keyturn’s workshops supportively encourage people to take one step at a time, as they gradually build confidence.

Unlocking Team Potential

Keyturn offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor events and activities to launch, build, challenge, stretch and reward your team! These activities are adapted to meet the needs of the team.

Time Mastery®

Using the Time Mastery® profile, participants will discover the habits that are key to good time management and explore the twelve principles of effective time management.

The ‘Leadership and Management' core skills modules include:

The Behaviour module


The Communication module


The Relationship module


The Customer module


The Presentation module


The Planning module


The Thinking module


The Money module


The Project module


The Negotiation module


The Team module


The Performance module


The Recruitment module


The Development module


The Change module


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