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Investing in Management and Leadership Development

What is the difference between Management Development and Leadership Development?

There is no ‘standard definition’. The answer depends more on how management and/or leadership have come to be defined within individual organisations – or how you would like them to be defined. In our opinion, management development should always includes a strong element of leadership development, alongside a wide range of other skills and attributes. Leadership development is a more specific dynamic focus, that can be an excellent programme for more experienced managers, or a strong cultural programme equipping both managers and non-managers with confidence and ability to lead, according to organisational needs and opportunities.

Does the cost of management training provide adequate return on investment?

This is clearly a key question. It’s interesting to observe the vast sums that some organisations spend on ‘systems’, some of which (on balance) do little to enhance performance. Some even work against it!

This phenomenon occurs through a desire to control standards through a system. Appropriate systems can provide excellent support but they cannot be the driver of good management, because at the heart of good management is the ability to relate well to people. This involves emotions, energy levels, opinions, ingrained habits, beliefs, attitudes, spontaneous actions, reactions, and more emotions! These things cannot be systemised, but it is investment in the effective management of these areas that will pay greatest dividends. Results arising from changes in individual behaviour, and organisational behaviour (culture) are measurable, and they are significant.

Why do so many managers get appointed without receiving training?

The need to fill management roles is pressing! And although most of us would readily acknowledge the importance of appropriate training to ensure good management within an organisation, the day-to-day reality is subject to a wide variety of distractions and barriers. ‘Urgent’ matters constantly clamour for attention, and good intentions to ‘get round to training’ are submerged in the ‘noise’. But the need for training is no less important – in fact, an honest assessment will usually reveal that it has become even more important, with countless inefficiencies and failings costing your organisation hundreds or thousands of pounds on a daily basis. This financial drain on your organisation is not because your people aren’t working hard or trying their best, but because they have not been equipped for their role – and no-one is giving this vitally important issue the priority it deserves!

How do I get senior executives to commit to investment in management training?

We all respond to something when we see the value. This is a mixture of value to ourselves, value to our colleagues/teams, value to our organisations, and sometimes value to the wider community. Understanding this mix, and relating to it, is key.

Like any other spend, an estimated return-on-investment needs to be worked out and then ‘proven’. In our experience, when it comes to learning and development, there is sometimes an imbalanced emphasis placed on the lack of ‘concrete’ figures and lack of ‘evidence/proof’, as compared with other return-on-investment evaluations and expenditures. This may need to be challenged. Secondly, when submitting estimates/evidence based on subjective data, the parameters of accuracy are inherently wider than that based on objective data. However, once those wider parameters are identified, estimates/evidence based on subjective data are equally valid.


Keyturn learning and development programmes

Our managers are already good at their jobs. Can you offer them worthwhile development opportunities to improve performance even further?

Yes – by involving your team in the vision for improvement and exploring ways of achieving it. Initially this is more about facilitation of team activity than skill training; subsequently elements of training are likely to emerge as part of the process. Keyturn are able to lead this process or work with you in a supporting role.

How do you decide what to put into a programme?

All our materials and resources are flexible so that programmes can be specifically tailored to individual client requirements. Actual design and selection is based on Keyturn’s Learning Model, alongside criteria agreed with individual clients. Where appropriate, new materials and/or resources will be created, either at Keyturn’s discretion, or by specific agreement with our clients.


Do you offer blended learning?

We embrace every form of learning and, working with our clients, seek to maximise the learning experience of every learner through a variety of means. Resisting the temptation to necessarily include all the latest ‘buzz’, we focus on selecting an effective combination of learning experiences that learners will enjoy, and which will deliver desired results

Do you offer one-to-one coaching programmes?

Yes. All our programmes can be provided on a one-to-one basis. There are many ways that this can be undertaken, depending on objectives and budget. Please call us on 01788 815500 to discuss possible approaches, without obligation

Do you provide sales training?

Yes – Keyturn has a strong background in sales training. Currently , we would choose to offer most sales training programmes via a specialist associate company. In the first instance, as with all enquiries, we welcome the opporutnity to talk with you, so that we can gain insight into your specific requirements and make appropriate recommendations. We also have online training courses in Business skills and some related modules in our Personal development training programmes.

Why use Keyturn?

What makes Keyturn different?

Our attitude – a desire and a determination, shared by every member of our team, to ensure you get the very best results possible! And our focus – on practical learning, that contributes immediately to real-life work situations, and enables achievement of valuable, visible results!

How long have you been going? What is your background?

Keyturn was established in 1990 by father and son partnership, David and Philip Maggs. Combining their careers and experience, they took a fresh approach to ensuring the results of training were quickly and clearly seen back in the workplace. This, plus a heartfelt desire to help people get the best out of themselves, and an unswerving dedication to client satisfaction, has brought the company through many years of growth and adaptation – achieving prominent recognition in the learning and development market. David and Philip continue to own and head up the company but credit Keyturn’s overall success to the team efforts of the many colleagues who have shared our values and served with us over the last 23 years.

How do you measure return-on-investment?

For 23 years, Keyturn has uniquely held a market-leading approach to demonstrating return-on-investment. By capturing key results, achieved directly through learning programmes, and making them easily visible, both individual learners and organisations can measure and enjoy their success.

Who delivers your learning and development programmes?

We have a team of learning and development specialists, who have been selected based on 10 criteria which tests their ability to communicate their knowledge and experience in a helpful, practical, and engaging manner. Each team member gains fulfilment from seeing people they work with succeed. They are passionate about bringing the best out of people

Who selects the learning facilitators for each event?

This responsibility lies with Keyturn’s Managing Director, supported by our project management team. Having gained insight into the culture, requirements and desired results of our clients, Andy draws on his knowledge of our specialist team and creates a match. Selection of the right facilitator is of course also a matter for discussion and agreement with our clientsprogrammes.

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