Leadership and Management

Always retaining focus on agreed objectives, Keyturn Training’s learning specialists facilitate all leadership and management programmes in a flexible and engaging manner. The facilitators allow the needs and aspirations of individuals and groups to guide the content sequence and the proportionate amount of time spent on different issues. This maximises learning engagement, retention and implementation.

Leadership and Management Foundation Programmes

Working throughout the UK, Keyturn Training also take on English-speaking assignments abroad for international clients. Our priority is developing people so that they are more able to do the jobs which they are employed to do, gaining greater job satisfaction in the process; in turn, this produces higher levels of motivation and achievement.

We are best known for our dedication to providing great customer service, and for our ability to Deliver Visible Results! That’s practical on-the-job results which your organisation can see, measure and recognise, clearly demonstrating the return on your investment.

Through our unique approach, participants on Keyturn Training programmes focus on achieving results! This begins from the earliest stages of their learning through to seeing real changes taking place in their working environment.

The ‘Leadership and Management' core skills modules include:

The Behaviour module

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Unconscious bias
  • Motivation
  • Personal style, preferences and feedback

The Communication module

  • Constructive conversations
  • Questions and active listening
  • Briefings and meetings
  • Rules of writing

The Relationship module

  • Values and purpose
  • Building trust
  • Handling conflict/difficult situations
  • Networking

The Customer module

  • Perceptions and priorities

  • Attitude of quality

  • Making a difference

  • Promises and expectations

The Presentation module

  • Audience awareness
  • Objectives and preparation
  • Engagement
  • Message impact

The Planning module

  • Goals and objectives
  • Prioritisation and balance
  • Delegation
  • Planning and implementation

The Thinking module

  • Agile thinking
  • Problem resolution
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Mindful decision making

The Money module

  • Understanding the numbers

  • Commercial awareness

  • Budgets and forecasting

  • Value management

The Project module

  • Parameters and planning

  • Risk management

  • Quality, costs and progress

  • Delivering results

The Negotiation module

  • Strategies and tactics

  • Balance of power

  • Trading concessions

  • Influencing and persuasion

The Team module

  • Leadership styles
  • Team roles and dynamics
  • Selection and formation
  • Bonding and developing

The Performance module

  • Targets, KPI's and rewards
  • Pressure and stress
  • Continuous feedback
  • Transformational leadership

The Recruitment module

  • Role definition
  • Competencies and behaviours
  • Interviewing and selection
  • Induction and integration

The Development module

  • Learning styles
  • Bringing the best out of people
  • Learning needs
  • Training, coaching and mentoring

The Change module

  • Psychology of change

  • Embracing change

  • Disruption theory

  • Culture, resistance and momentum

Leadership and Management Core Skills Programmes

15 Leadership and Management modules provide in-depth, comprehensive learning, covering all the core skills of great leadership and effective management.

Any module can be selected to run on an individual basis, structured to suit specific learning and performance requirements.

Modules can also be linked in any number of different learning combinations:

Unlocking Leadership and Management Potential

The 15 module, comprehensive and in-depth package, covering all the core skills of Leadership and Management, plus insightful development across the full spectrum of Leadership Dynamics. This is the choice for those who wish to undertake serious study of theory and practice, developing strong personal skills and confidence, for a successful career in management.
Influential Leadership

An engaging 5 module programme, focusing on key aspects of leadership:

  • The Behaviour Module
  • The Communication Module
  • The Relationship Module
  • The Team Module
  • The Change Module

The programme can be enhanced by blending in a Leadership profiling tool.

Management Unlocked

Keyturn’s 6 module ‘flagship’ management programme provides an excellent option, focused on core skills which managers need on a daily basis:

  • The Planning Module
  • The Communication Module
  • The Behaviour Module
  • The Relationship Module
  • The Thinking Module
  • The Performance Module
Tailored Programme

A tailored solution based on your selection of modules (or sub-modules).

Keyturn’s team are always available to discuss your requirements, priorities and objectives, and to work with you to form a bespoke selection.

Equally, we are happy to recommend formats based on our experience.

Essential Management Skills

A foundation programme for new or aspiring managers; also commended by many experienced managers as an excellent review of key skills. Usually run as a 2 day workshop, the programme is packed with practical content

Leadership - the essentials!

A 1 day workshop programme focusing on the priorities of good leadership – academic models, role models, and practical models.  Participants are stimulated to explore and identify good practice, and create relevant practical models for themselves!

Leadership - what's my style?

An exploration into leadership styles, understanding preferences and how to adapt.  Incorporating completion of an online profiling assessment, this blended learning programme also features a 1 or 2 day workshop and/or tutorial/coaching support

All Keyturn learning and development programmes are tailored to suit individual and organisational objectives. Learning content, delivery style, development opportunities and programme length, are all considered in arriving at the optimum recommendation for each client.

Where appropriate, Keyturn will facilitate indoor and outdoor activity challenges, that help participants explore the issues of leadership, management and team building in novel, interesting and memorable ways.  This includes use of a high-ropes course set within the grounds of Dunchurch Park, where we are based.

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